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We at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy came to realize that our beautiful country does not have an official representative national bird. We are obviously well represented by the maple leaf and also have many other representative symbols. We have national products like maple syrup, we have national sports like ice hockey and lacrosse, we have animals such as the beaver, the moose, the caribou, the polar bear, the grizzly bear, the Canada goose, and the Canada lynx, but we do not have a national bird. Why? Meanwhile, bird watching is the number one hobby in the world, not to mention falconry being one of the oldest sports practiced in the world.

We think it is time for us to put forward a petition to our Federal government suggesting the nomination of an official bird to represent our country.

We will collect 200,000 signatures & suggestion, after that the winning suggestion will be formulated into a petition and handed to our local Member of Parliament to be presented to the House of Commons.

Using the electronic form provided HERE, we would like you to suggest a bird accompanied by a short text explaining why you are suggesting that particular bird.

Here are some criteria that you would want to respect before submitting your bird suggestion.

  • • A bird found in every Canadian provinces, or most of them
  • • A bird not already chosen as a Canadian provincial bird or another country’s national bird
  • • A bird that the general public will be able to identify and see on a regular basis in their daily activities

Here are multiple examples of provincial and national birds:

  • • Common Loon : provincial bird of Ontario
  • • Snowy Owl : provincial bird of Quebec
  • • Great Horned Owl : provincial bird of Alberta
  • • Great Grey Owl : provincial bird of Manitoba
  • • Steller’s Jay : provincial bird of British Columbia
  • • Black-capped Chickadee : provincial bird of New Brunswick
  • • Atlantic Puffin : provincial bird of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • • Osprey : provincial bird of Nova Scotia
  • • Blue Jay : provincial bird of Prince Edward Island
  • • Sharp-tailed Grouse : provincial bird of Saskatchewan
  • • Gyr Falcon : territorial bird of the Northwest Territories
  • • Rock Ptarmigan : territorial bird of Nunavut
  • • Common Raven : territorial bird of Yukon
  • • Bald Eagle : national bird of the United States of America
  • • Golden Eagle : national bird of Russia
  • • Crested Caracara : national bird of Mexico
  • • Greater Flamingo : national bird of the Bahamas
  • • Andean Condor : national bird of Chile
  • • Brown Kiwi : national bird of New Zealand

We put forward a couple suggestions ourselves, but feel free to suggest new ones too!

  • • Red-tailed Hawk
  • • Canada Goose

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