We design our Demonstrations to entertain and educate our audiences about Birds of Prey and their continuing role in our natural world.

In each Demonstration, we will feature birds from around the globe. Your presentation may include a Turkey Vulture, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Barn Owl, Great Horned Owl, Eagle Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Lanner Falcon, Ferruginous Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Harris Hawk, American Kestrel or a host of other birds !

Each one of these birds is fascinating and unique in its own way. Meet the only Bird of Prey in the world with a sense of smell. Match vision with the animal with the best eyes in nature. Witness the raptor that can reach speeds of over 200km/hr in a breathtaking dive !

Have you heard ? The animal with the best sense of hearing can pinpoint a mouse at over 50 metres away from itself – in total darkness !

Our in-depth commentary includes the natural history, size, prey species, range and the relationship to humans of some of the most fantastic creatures on our planet ! The audience will witness the unique flight characteristics of each bird before their very eyes!

In between each Demonstration, if time permits, we can run a Static Display of the birds. This gives the audience an opportunity to observe, photograph and ask questions about each feathered member of the Team. A special time to watch the birds relax, take a bath, preen feathers and enjoy the sunshine!

We can perform our Demonstrations indoors or outdoors, in winter or summer months.

All of the birds that we use in our Demonstrations are domestically produced, professionally trained, happy and healthy. Each bird is government licensed which enables us to perform our educational Demonstrations across the Country. We do not use any injured or wild birds ever !

Whatever the occasion, we ALWAYS attract a crowd!