Research and Consulting

Canadian Raptor Conservancy has been involved in a variety of different research projects related to Birds of Prey. This includes “Operation Falco Slovakia” which is a project to help restore the endangered Saker Falcon to the Republic of Slovakia. Canadian Raptor Conservancy bred Saker Falcons for release and was used as a consultant to help establish a breeding facility in Slovakia.

The Canadian Raptor Conservancy is one of the founding partners of the Ontario Barn Owl Restoration Project. Our commitments include nest box design, habitat assessment, captive breeding and education.

Canadian Raptor Conservancy contributed several young Peregrine Falcons to the Ontario Peregrine Falcon Recovery Team. We have also been involved in educating the public on the importance of the survival of the species and preserving its natural habitat.

Canadian Raptor Conservancy was used as a consultant for the writing of the regulations for keeping captive wild animals in the province of Ontario.