The Field Trip that Comes to You!

We at the CRC strongly believe that education is the key to conservation. We design our Demonstrations to entertain and educate our audiences about Birds of Prey and their continuing role in our natural world. We provide “Edutainment” for all grade levels – JK to Grade 12 and beyond. Our demonstrations are available in both English and French from September to June.

Included in Each Flight Demonstrations

Each Demonstration includes at least five different Birds of Prey. We usually include an Eagle, Hawk, Falcon, Owl and a Vulture. You can meet the only Bird of Prey in the world with a sense of smell. Your class can match their vision with the animal with the best eyesight in nature! Witness the raptor that can reach speeds of over 200km/hr in a dive.

Have you heard? The animal with the best sense of hearing can pinpoint a mouse at over 50 metres away from itself…in total darkness!

Entertainment & Education in One Amazing Show

Our in-depth commentary includes the natural history, size, prey species, range and the relationship to humans of some of the most fantastic creatures on our planet!

We also discuss curriculum based topics such as:

  • Biogeography
  • Ecosystems
  • Growth & Change in Animals
  • Diversity of Living Things
  • Medieval Falconry
  • Characteristics of Flight
  • Environmental Science
  • Human Impact on the Environment
  • Reproduction Biology
  • Endangered Species & Species at Risk

Plus, your students will witness the unique flight characteristics of each bird before their very eyes!

All of the birds that we use in our Demonstrations are domestically produced, professionally trained, happy and healthy. Each bird is government licensed which enables us to perform our educational Demonstrations across the Country. We do not use any injured or wild birds ever !

Our Demonstration is a unique learning experience!